Has a new relationship tattoo ever not led to tremendous regret?

Poot can only go out at night. #freepoot

A few days ago there were photos of Laura Prepon applying for a marriage license. Now she and Ben Foster are married – and in keeping their low-key way, they released a low-key photo that looks like it could have been taken 50 years ago. I really like her bouquet. 


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Seth Rogen looks like a Yeezy model in this outfit.


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Justin Bieber and Baskin Champion (THAT NAME) have reportedly broken up (were they ever really serious?). So he and Selena are both single at the same time. It’s always a possibility. 


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What’s creepier, dolls with really big eyes that follow you around the room, or clowns?


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How many times a day do you thing Gwyneth Paltrow refers to “my fiancé.” She used the word fiancée, double e. I don’t speak or write French – which is the correct version? Is G right or wrong here? (Lainey: she’s wrong.)


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Imagine crashing a couple’s wedding for your movie promo and then having the nerve to post a photo in which the bride’s eyes are closed!!!!!!! The nerve.


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A pristine kitchen, fresh-baked cobbler and fresh peonies – Stephen Colbert is now a certified “lifestyle guru.”