Victoria Beckham posted a video of her and David in the park; he was feeding ducks. She also posted this photo, which he commented on (he never comments on her photos). OK I feel good this week. 


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Who do you think is the best bowler in the group? I’m torn between Nicole and Reese. Better question: who do you think is the most competitive bowler? Again, I’m torn between Nicole and Reese.

I’m so shallow that I read Minka Kelly’s caption and now am wondering who broke her heart. Chris Evans? Jake? Definitely not Sean Penn. 


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The Selfie Kid depresses me. The whole thing has a very “William H. Macy in Magnolia” vibe. Except that kid was a quiz master. The Selfie Kid just has to flip his phone camera around. 


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I need to talk about the weirdness of this cover: Don Johnson is a “ladies man.” Fine, sure. Let’s pretend it’s 1985. But why call him a ladies’ man and feature his daughter and ex mother-in-law? I guess the play is on the types of ladies in his life? It just seems like an odd way to frame him as a family man. (Also Tippi Hedren is a legend, not “the mother-in-law.”)


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Halle Berry got a puppy! He is very squishable. Puppies require a lot of care and attention, so I wonder if Halle has brought him to set with her. Has Keanu met Roman?  


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