Rom-coms might be back, which is a great thing. The other night, High Fidelity was on, which I consider a rom-com. But maybe it’s really a movie about adulting? Anyway, Catherine Zeta-Jones and John Cusack have excellent chemistry. They had it in America’s Sweethearts, too. How can we get Netflix’s algorithm to come up with a project for them? 

I read this caption and kind of laughed because The Rock is “training and dieting extremely hard for the next 16 weeks.” As opposed to what, his usual slovenly 4 am workout? 


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Josh Gad looks like an alternate member of NSYNC. 


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Joanna sent this to me this morning – Scott Wolf at 50. Does Bailey do it for you? Are we entering into Rob Lowe territory?


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Do you watch Billions? It’s ridiculously overwrought and I kind of love it. This season, I’m really into Daniel K. Isaac, who plays Ben Kim. And the writers seem to have plans for him – will Ben Kim be in a C-Suite next season?


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A source told people that he is healthy and purposefully losing weight for his tour. This is just what he looks like now. 

Gary Janetti spent the months leading up to the royal wedding entertaining us with a Prince George/Meghan Markle feud. He told the NYT that it was like a TV series, and the wedding would be the last episode of the season. Clearly he has more story to tell because he just announced a second season.


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This tweet is from 2011 but is for some reason popular again. The advice is evergreen.