John Legend posted photos of Luna’s dance recital and it is Chrissy Teigen’s first appearance on social media since her not-well-received apology to Courtney Stodden. Is this her way of working back up to being “online” again? Is it John’s way of showing her support? Or is it something more ordinary – two parents celebrating their child on social media, like so many people do every day. (This morning I read “Chrissy Teigen’s fall from grace” by Constance Grady and it’s an insightful summary of what happened and why, tying it all into the “cool girl” monologue from Gone Girl.)


As Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez worked through the last days of their relationship, she showed up on his Instagram in sponcon for supplements.  JLo is sticking to her professional commitments and is promoting the gummies again in her stories (not on main), albeit without him. If I’m working in marketing for Goli Gummies, I would be very pleased with the extra publicity. 

Statement sleeves were big in what – 2018? 2019? – and survived the pandemic. But I have beef with big sleeves because it’s impossible to layer with a light jacket or sweater. Everything gets bunched up around the shoulders. If we are going to highlight and respect the sleeve we need a new solution or maybe an old one – a pashmina. Remember those? Maybe the new Sex and the City will bring them back. Nostalgia might be blinding me, I have to look them up now. 


The Prada halter bra has already been seen on the cover of Harper’s BAZAAR and Emily Ratajkowski and it’s only June. Like the knit Khaite cashmere bra before it, it is the impractical and expensive look of summer.

This story didn’t get a lot of play outside of TMZ (which makes me wonder if his publicist killed it) but what are we thinking about Zayn getting into a brawl on the street? Zayn reportedly wasn’t the aggressor and he was outside of Amsterdam Billiards, smoking a dart and minding his business. According to the owners, he is a regular at the bar and they love having him. But how did he end up shirtless?


Have you ever watched the least season of a show you once really enjoyed and are pained by how much it’s fallen? That’s how I feel about Younger, which limps through its last season. The dialogue is stilted, the storylines are shallow and nonsensical with no emotional payoff, the music is imposing, the actors seem checked out and bored (can’t blame them). Even the clothes, which were once a highlight, are not great. I don’t know what happened behind the scenes but it’s obvious that everyone is desperately missing Diana Trout. 

The debate over this TikTok video is too heated for me but I did cackle at the “Is he a dog?” comment.

Speaking of TikTok, Alicia Silverstone absolutely understands the assignment. 


A lot of people were missing Mare (of Easttown) last night and this is one time I’m grateful to be behind – I still have five episodes left. If you still want some Mare time, I’d recommend Casey Mink’s piece in Vulture on how food ties into the authenticity of the place and character. 

Lainey is the panda video expert around here and this is obviously not a real panda but the way he took his nemesis out is gleeful. And he’s wearing a cape.