Mark Ronson and Grace Gummer are engaged and we are only finding out because he talked about it on a podcast. Did we know they were together? I didn’t fully clock it when I saw some reports they had been spotted on dates. But now that he’s told us, I’m in. Mark is a superstar producer from an eclectic and posh family and Grace’s parents are Meryl (Streep) and Don (Gummer). I mean, this is a match made in Vanity Fair heaven.


Nicki Minaj is feeling herself and excited about her new work and it’s showing in her fashion choices. She went from pink Crocs to pink Louis Vuitton sandals but I’m more interested in the ankle bling. It’s a lot and it’s spectacular. She iced out her ankles. 


Everyone (including me) is obsessed with peonies right now, they are all over on social media. I have some in my garden and they are beautiful and you must enjoy them as they bloom because the flowering stage doesn’t last long, usually about a week. 

Have you seen the TikTok trend of people eating watermelon with mustard? It’s a quirky, harmlessly weird food combination. But how does one justify a strawberry daiquiri with chickpeas??? I looked online and found another flavour that is equally disturbing – Mudslide hummus. Are we being trolled by the Party Dip Industrial Complex? This sounds like a product that would have been invented on 30 Rock.


Jennifer Lopez has signed a first-look deal with Netflix, a pretty common production deal these days. What kind of scripts do you think she’s looking at for them? Because, and hear me out here, she does enjoy working with her romantic partners and while Gigli and Jersey Girl were flops (which she brushed off and Ben didn’t), streaming is a game changer. It’s passive viewing. Are you telling me that if she and Ben made a movie for Netflix we wouldn’t all lose our minds watching it together? It would do huge numbers. Let’s reboot it all!


Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers were pretty undercover until they weren’t. Now she’s speaking openly about their relationship, telling Shape that they immediately moved in together during the pandemic. That isn’t the entire focus of the article (it’s actually about her work on repurposing microplastic from the ocean) but she mixed in her environmental work with her personal life, which will ensure the article gets more traction. It’s a smart and necessary compromise because she knows the headline that pulls them in will be about Aaron.