Yesterday, Sarah ranked some of the speeches from YouTube’s Dear Class of 2020. This morning, Lady Gaga’s speech came up in my feed and although I haven’t watched it yet, I love her aesthetic. She looks like the badass uncle who shows up to a grad party to buy berry-flavour 3% alcohol coolers for everyone, then takes everyone’s keys and dips out.


This Naomi Campbell interview is from 2013 and she has to sit there and answer to the “well YOU’RE very successful” interviewer, over and over, that it’s not about one model or one designer, but the system around it.  She has been speaking on it for a very long time, as the interviewer points out, is an expert in her field – so why didn’t they send an expert to interview her? 

I haven’t been keeping up with Johnny Depp’s Instagram so this is from May, but he’s been working on this painting for 14 years. Next time you feel bad about procrastinating, think of this painting. It’s a teenager.

This brilliant fan thread of Mariah Carey’s best 90s moments through an Instagram filter by Heavenly from @lambilyofmariaa. Don’t miss out on the “comments” on the side from other celebrities. 


Yoda is right but the Star Wars fandom who chased Kelly Marie Tran and endlessly harassed the cast can “f-ck themselves go.” (Did I do that right? I used a Yoda-speak generator.)

Are celebrity Scientologists supposed to remain neutral to world and political events? I’m asking because Laura Prepon, Erika Christensen, and Elisabeth Moss posted about Black Lives Matter. Meanwhile Tom Cruise is quiet (not unusual – he has never gotten into anything even remotely topical), Kelly Preston and John Travolta haven’t posted since late May and Kirstie Alley is being her usual self on Twitter. Is there a rule to this? Because there are some Scientology accounts liking BLM content. Very curious.


Bravo is having an internal crisis right now because of some problematic cast members. It’s not a shock because if you watch the show, issues around race have come up but they are usually glossed over because that is what reality TV does – glosses over real issues to focus on petty sh-t. The qualities that make someone good at reality TV don’t align with the qualities that make a good person, so no one is surprised at their awfulness. But I imagine the execs are freaking out because it’s like dominos – you get rid of one and then the rest will fall. Reality TV has its own eco-system so like all celebrities, from A-Z, reality stars don’t define society, but reflect it. What we see in them, we see everywhere. (If you don’t watch, attached is Porsha Williams, Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member and granddaughter of civil rights activist Hossea Williams, at a Black Lives Matter march in Atlanta.)