Who do you think these two hot bitches gossiped about? My dream guess is Madonna.


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I will never not enjoy a We Didn’t Start the Fire riff.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is one of those shows I watch immediately, if not live then within a day. Season 3 is over and I have mixed feelings about it (and I’ve never had anything but pure adoration for this show). It had a lot of highs and lows (fitting with the season’s arc) but it seemed like some characters were abandoned, only to be slotted into storylines that didn’t quite work. I’m still thinking on it.


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 A few days back, Lainey exercised her JLo relationship memory. Mine ties specific outfits to relationship eras. Diddy was the all white crop top, jeans and bandana, and of course the Versace dress. Cris Judd was wide-brimmed felt hats (my armchair psychoanalysis is that she wanted to hide). Ben was high-heeled Timbs, cargo pants and Juicy tracksuits. With ARod it’s a bit different, because I see a color palette emerging for both of them – lots of creams, whites and tans. Do you think he’s using her stylist?


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He chose an interesting cast photo to see himself out with. Where are the male co-stars he’s worked with for 30 years?


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I’ve said this before, but Armie Hammer has once again proven he should stick to Instagram (instead of acting like a giant manbaby on Twitter). When I first watched this video, I thought he was removing his chest hair, but it’s actually fascia scraping (per his hashtag). If it sounds very goop-y, it’s because it is. Which shouldn’t be surprising – Armie and his wife are exactly goop’s target market, even before he became famous. 


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I really want this sweatshirt (and for those of you who, like me, couldn’t quite put your finger on who this is –  it’s Haddie Braverman!).


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 I thought ‘purposeful pop’ was Katy 2.0? Or is this a continuation of that? 


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Tallulah does kind of look like Freddy Moore, but it’s mostly because of the haircut and glasses.