Isn’t it weird how NFTs just dropped out of the spotlight on Twitter so quickly? I guess that’s why these schemes are characterized as “get rich quick.” 


Or am I misreading and Twitter wasn’t doing it so it’s moving over to Instagram? Eva Longoria is donating proceeds of her NFT sweatshirt to Global Gift Foundation, which she stuck with after the 2015 piece in The Hollywood Reporter that exposed some allegedly shady dealings.


Kim Kardashian is getting lambasted on Twitter for saying no one wants to work and some are making it specifically about her (people still bringing up her sex tape – boring!) but it’s really part of a larger cultural shift. Hustling, grinding, “no days off” etc. as a brand is out. Don’t even mention girlbossing. People are overworked, underpayed, underappreciated, tired, and burnt out and using long hours and business as a source of pride is much less aspirational than it was five years ago. This doesn’t just apply to Kim: The Rock, Kevin Hart, Diddy, JLo, Madonna – these are just some celebrities I associate with that type of workaholic mindset.


This is a very specific hairstyle and I love it on January Jones but some outlets are getting ahead of themselves by calling it a bowl-cut comeback. I don’t know if we are going to see this look on a widespread scale like the shag of 2019.

I held off on watching the last season of Search Party because it’s the last season and I didn’t want it to end, but I’m not made of stone! I finished it yesterday then read this EW oral history by Chancellor Agard. The ending was bittersweet and even though it wildly shifted genres over five seasons, it always felt rooted in Dory’s quest (based in narcissism or self-actualization?) to find purpose. 


Abbott Elementary is on a short hiatus and we are all in pain from it! The reruns can’t sustain us for much longer.