This week, Twitter decided to do a deep dive into LL Cool J’s archives and please keep in mind that in the 90s, this kind of chaos was normal. We would watch TV for hours just to catch a glimpse of our favourite artists on MuchMusic. We had Pop Up Video. So LL Cool J was giving us story arcs and characters and chaos as the time called for. There were a lot of kneecaps.


Breaking my silence…

♬ original sound - LL COOL J

Jamie Dornan has launched a men’s capsule wardrobe and it’s very standard: polo shirts, white sneakers, chinos. (Sarah: So, Edgar’s wardrobe from Barb and Star?) Totally fine but I do wonder if he’s ever heard of Everlane. 


Madonna and Fireboy DML have released a video for the Frozen remix and I already love the song (Ray of Light is a no-skips album for me), and I hope this is a hit for her. Because I think she wants a hit. It’s her nature to always push forward and not lean into nostalgia but her catalogue is so incredible, why not use it?


Yes, I’m basic and still playing Wordle, and I’ve added Heardle and Quordle to my daily rotation, but there’s been a huge decrease of these squares on Twitter. We don’t seem to share in each other’s triumphs and losses to 5-letter words like we used to.

Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo are leaning into the 13 Going on 30 nostalgia to promote The Adam Project. Does anyone remember way back in 2014 when Mark was on WWHL (a messy talk show hosted by the messy Andy Cohen) and said he and Jennifer did not keep in touch because of Ben? It was a whole thing at the time. It appears they’ve reconnected, and I would be very interested to know if they got into, um, current events on that front. 


Lainey wrote about the ascent of Sydney Sweeney as she builds on her work. There’s been so much talk about the Oscars and how they can attract new eyeballs and it would never happen because of ABC, but get the Euphoria cast there to present. As Anastasia has shown us, in some pockets of social media this cast is as popular as the Avengers (but people on Euphoria actually have sex).

Hillary Duff is doing promo for How I Met Your Father, and this is the first time I’ve seen these boots (am I super behind?) and they are Jimmy Choo x Mugler. She was smart to be one of the first to wear them because these will be everywhere in a month. Very easy to style, too, because the boots do all the work and the rest of the outfit can be simple.