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Lainey low-key worries about Nicole Richie and Joel Madden so this is for her. All good. 


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The paleontologist who consulted on Jurassic Park has said we are closer than ever to cloning dinosaurs. Haven’t we covered this?



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Regina Hall has some thoughts on Beyoncé being bit in the face. She isn’t changing the players, but she suggests that the narrative was perhaps embellished because Tiffany Haddish is a natural storyteller. Regina (who has a new profile in the NYT) knows these people so her opinion holds a lot of weight


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Remember when I wrote about David Beckham’s statue unveiling and how it must be nerve-wracking, because what if they get it wrong? Well James Corden was thinking along the same lines because he created a fake statue to prank “Dave” Beckham.” DB is trying so hard to hide his “what the f-ck is this” face as the pain goes on and on and on. I have to say, he is quite polite and dryly funny (“you probably did me a favour there”) considering the situation. 


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Nick Jonas and John Stamos are doing a bit. If they want to take it to the next level they need to spoon in person. 


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