Out of all the celebrities, it has to be the most beloved guy, a Boomer who has not been MeToo’d. And Rita! A beacon of positivity, so kind she wouldn’t even name and shame a hair stylist who left her high and dry. But we also need to be vigilant about spotting dumb rumours. I knew Hanks was real because Tom always posts photos of gloves, and that’s how he announced this. That was probably the most comforting part of his post, the casualness of it. And Chet has showed up to tell us “they’re not trippin’.” 

No matter what happens in the world in terms of disaster, catastrophe and strife, Paris Hilton will always have her Fraggle Rock hair extensions (shout out to Tina Fey) and she’ll talk in a baby voice about being a boss. 


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Brooklyn Beckham’s birthday was 8 days ago. At 21, this is borderline acceptable. 


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This story is what we’ve come to expect to hear about Harvey Weinstein but that’s what made him so sinister. This was his MO; he was super into controlling what actresses wore to their premieres.  


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I just remembered that Katherine Heigl has a blog. Or had a blog. It hasn’t been updated since June 2019. Being a freelance writer isn’t for everyone. 


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I don’t follow Bruce Willis on Instagram, but he came up in my feed and I had no idea he was so committed to the head tilt. And then I realized this is actually a verified Bruce Willis body double account. That’s why he needs the angle.

Usually people who call themselves celebrity lookalikes don’t look anything like the celebrity in question, but this guy gets it. 




A little positivity for the rest of the day.