There was a rumour that these two broke up but apparently they are still together. I have watched all of Stranger Things but I don’t ship any of the cast or couples (fiction or non-fiction). And my biggest complaint about the show is that it is too aware of what the Internet says about it, it leans into the fandom too much, which is why I think Charlie’s character went from lovably tragic to actively good looking and heroic. 


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Emma Stone is the new face of Louis Vuitton – she wore an LV suit to the Oscars. I associate her best red carpet looks with Alber Elbaz’s work at Lanvin (he was pushed out of the label in fall of 2015 after quality control complaints). She wore Givenchy when she collected her Oscar. And on the Louis Vuitton side, I associate Nicolas Ghesquière’s work with Kristen Stewart (she is very tied to Chanel, too). It’s interesting how brand muses are so fluid now, which is reflective of how much the designers move. It’s like musical chairs.

I’m up to date on the third season of UnREAL but I am not as enthusiastic about it as I was in season one. Season two was so awful that I can’t come back from it. I feel no affection for the characters or plotlines. Maybe I am being too hard on them, because I think from a storytelling standpoint they are doing their best. They refocused completely on Rachel and Quinn and are ignoring that last season used BLM as a conduit to tell the stories of white feminism. Many shows suffer from a sophomore slump, but this was different. They exploited than abandoned a real movement, tossing BLM aside when it didn’t get them the results and accolades they were hoping for.


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Jessica Seinfeld often posts recipe videos (and her recipes are pretty good) but she never tags her outfit even though a lot of people in the comments ask about her clothes. I guess if you are super rich, it’s low classy to point out designers. I personally prefer it when celebs tag their pieces, because it saves me the time of searching for it. But this cat sweater was easy to find. Gucci – and it’s steep


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Hold up -- am I the only one who hated Love and finds it completely insufferable? I also hate Crashing. I call it the Judd Apatow effect.


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I finally listened to goop’s first podcast – Oprah was the guest. Gwyneth certainly stayed in her lane and let O do most of the talking (because you don’t invite Oprah Winfrey on a podcast to talk over her). One interesting tidbit was Oprah’s relationship with Ava DuVernay, whose work she was introduced to by David Oyelowo on the set of The Butler. Before meeting in person, Oprah decided that she wanted to be Ava’s friend, so she threw a Mother’s Day brunch and invited her. Can you imagine one of the most powerful women in the world throwing a party just to meet you? And now they are friends and colleagues. But Oprah has said she hopes to be to Ava what Maya Angelou was to her. Layers.


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Yes this is photoshopped but Chrissy told her mom that THOT stands for “the head of tickling.” 


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