Paris Hilton stars in the new Lanvin campaign and the photos have major “Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface” vibes (especially this one), which I mean as a compliment. The interesting thing about Paris’s work is that she is someone who is positioned as constantly on a comeback or showing us something new (like her documentary and podcast) but she has never been able to garner the same amount of attention she did at her paparazzi peak, not even close. I had to go looking for these photos because they aren’t getting a lot of attention on social media. She is still famous, that kind of name recognition doesn’t go away, but she’s not influential. 


I would love to hear Liam Gallagher’s extended thoughts on the British royal family feud because I’m sure there are elements he can empathise with – are all British brothers this dramatic? Whose side do you think Liam would fall on? Do you think he sees himself as the Harry and Noel as William, or vice versa? I think that we would assume he sides with Harry but in actuality I think he’s more of a Will because Liam always blames Noel’s wife for their estrangement even though they were fighting long before she came into the picture. 


There are so many Oprah memes I can’t keep up. Which do you think is her favourite? Ava DuVernay is sending the best ones to her – maybe one of yours.

Rita Ora replaced by a mannequin on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK– sometimes the headlines write themselves.


Britney Spears often posts these Q&A videos and of course they are never questions that fans actually want answers to – they are random, like what’s your favourite ice cream flavour and how many sit-ups can you do. We love to see Britney but there are some bigger questions hovering over her right now. Last week, she answered a question about her dream car – a Bentley – and said she’s never driven one or been in one. I’m mad on her behalf. She deserves a Bentley. 


Even though he was in Grammy rehearsals two days ago, Trevor Noah still had time to comment, “How can you call her little when she’s taller than you?” He made time.