This is an old picture from Justin Theroux’s Instagram – I think I’ve posted it before. But I have to watch his feed now because he might be dealing with Petra Collins, Selena’s friend (who she recently unfollowed). My point is that I watch Justin Theroux’s social media as closely as I watch Justin Bieber’s. Is this the arty edge he’s going for?


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Bella Hadid unfollowed Zayn on Instagram (as has Bella and Gigi’s mom, Yolanda). Zayn unfollowed Gigi a few days ago, shortly before the breakup was announced. Gigi, who ended her breakup statement with, “As for the future, whatever’s meant to be will always be,” seems to be more open. To friendship or… “whatever.” Gigi may not want to engage in a social media tit-for-tat, but that’s what her sister is for. Bella has stepped in to be let it be known that Zayn’s unfollow didn’t go unnoticed. It’s a sisterly retaliation – pettiness by proxy -- and I am here for it.


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Anderson Cooper and his long-time boyfriend have split. And I know he and Andy are best friends and travel the country doing speaking engagements together but this would be an amazing power couple. I wonder what Andy’s BFF Sarah Jessica Parker thinks.


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Sofia Richie and Lottie Moss took a private jet together and Sofia later posted a photo in Vancouver. Are they here together? And what are they doing? Photo shoot, maybe. Or filming a cameo for a TV show? Or maybe they are going to Whistler to ski – Sofia brought a couple of heavy coats and it’s not very cold here right now.


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Victoria Beckham is working on a skin care line. There are actually not a lot of celebrity skin care lines (Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Miranda Kerr come to mind) as compared to cosmetics. Skin care is complicated, and cost prohibitive, both for the manufacturer and the consumer. I’ve mentioned before I am a skin care junkie – I double cleanse, tone, apply serums, essence and moisturizer (oil or cream, depending on the season), sunscreen, masks. That’s not to mention my gadgets – I use a $9 rubber face scrubber (it’s so good – I prefer to the fancy electronic one), an at-home LED machine and a micro-roller on the regular. But when I want to try a product, I don’t go by celebrity advice or even reviews on e-commerce sites – I go to reddit. The threads are detailed and honest. Out of curiosity, I did a quick search for reviews of MDNA, goop and Kora skin care lines. Couldn’t find anything.


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Drew Barrymore could probably retire (or take a decade off) but she chooses to work, and the way she frames work to her daughters – as a thing that is good and necessary to their lives – is a perspective we don’t often get to hear. 


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