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For someone like Diplo, who starts and ends every interview talking about how much he works and how many flights he takes a year, social distancing is a huge adjustment. We can assume he has all sorts of hookups on tour, but under these circumstances, randoms aren’t an option. So what does someone like Diplo do? Go to the archives to find someone he trusts? Or steer clear of any physical contact? WWDDD. (What would Diplo’s Dick Do.) I’m sure there’s a story about hooking up in dangerous times currently in the works at The Cut.


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Speaking of celibate, Orlando Bloom said he didn’t have sex for six months before he met Katy Perry, on the advice of Laird Hamilton. I could totally see this being a dating selling point, from Katy’s perspective. Especially after John Mayer. 


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I’ve mentioned Jane Marie’s podcast The Dream in this space before; it’s a podcast about multi-level marketing wellness companies. 

During a time like this, health and wellness scammers flourish, promising potions and oils for a “stronger immune system.” Celebrities, especially those in the lifestyle space, will often attach themselves to bad advice, either because they have been scammed themselves or because they are wealthy enough to have access to many kinds of doctors/health care providers (and several levels of treatment) or because they are in on the scam. They also spread misinformation faster than your Aunt Barb on Facebook because they have such big platforms. 


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Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, and Justin Bieber, all superstars, are using their platform to ask people to keep calm and safe and away from each other. Usually, in times of crisis, celebrities like to put together an event to raise money. That can’t happen, obviously, under these circumstances. Staying put and telling others to stay put is the equivalent of a benefit concert right now. 


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Are those mini horses or ponies? Do they live in the house? Where do they poop?!

Two weeks worth of cereal gone in an afternoon.

Iris Apatow posted this photo of her mom Leslie Mann, who looks a lot like Paris Hilton in the early 2000s, right?


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Lainey about to get horny for a handwashing video. (Lainey: God, he has such great hair.) 


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