Alec Baldwin has posted a few throwbacks over the last couple of days and this one is not an accident. I kind of hate myself for wanting to hear Alec’s opinion on the college admission scandal but Alec is in that same sphere of celebrity as Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy - actor’s actors and well-respected by their peers. No shade to Aunt Becky, but they are more Broadway than Hallmark channel. Is David Mamet’s opinion the standard or the exception


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Everyone has the haircut they wish they could pull off and mine is shaggy shoulder length with bangs. Obviously I could never get Natasha Lyonne’s Russian Doll hair, but sometimes I think I could do it like this. My hair is super fine and straight, so there’s no way this would work, right? Right. It would look like The Rachel on me. 


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What brand muscle t-shirts does Justin Theroux favour? I would guess Alexander Wang. Jen was probably picking them up off the floor in every room of the house. There were muscle t-shirts stuffed into every drawer. 


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Things that are back in style in Hollywood: Juicy Couture tracksuits, bootcut jeans, and Tony Robbins. The hankerchief top is on stand-by.


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“Women supporting women” – SNL wishes it could achieve this level of mockery.

Jennifer Garner is jokingly warning Chrissy Teigen to keep her hands off the Affleck children’s nanny. Not the first time she’s had to issue that warning.