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This morning, Prem covered the Vanessa Hudgens’s impromptu and regrettable press conference (catch up here). Chrissy Teigen used her position as the mayor of Twitter to make a case for Vanessa, arguing that social media pile-ons are out of control and harmful, we all make mistakes and say stupid sh-t. I agree with Prem’s assessment that “ragging on Vanessa isn’t the goal here,” but rather it’s a way to examine the way money and status have coloured responses to the crisis. As for Chrissy, I can see why she is empathetic, but there’s a part missing from her assessment: the celebrity’s culpability. She says no apology is good enough and that once the masses are out for blood there’s no stopping it. I don’t know if this is true, either. But we have seen that the “out of context” and “sorry if YOU were offended” apology never works and is often more incendiary than the original comments.  

So, as this kind of scenario plays out over and over, be it Vanessa Hudgens or Kevin Hart, is the cycle getting better or worse? I think it’s just getting more intense and accelerated – everyone is mad today, but it will be a punchline tomorrow. 






My kids (nearly the same age as Shonda’s) are on spring break so I haven’t thought about home schooling stuff yet (and I will be terrible at it) but today I asked, “So… what do you guys do all day at school?” I guess that’s a start. 

I haven’t seen Cats, the musical or the movie. Seems like it would be hard to process all of that right now. But 90 Day Fiancé? That is trash so of course I have seen it and highly recommend!



Self-quarantining together is the new cuffing season. 


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Some people are not enjoying sharing a small space right now. 

Ashley Benson, Cara Delevingne, Kaia Gerber, and Tommy Dorfman are acting out reality TV scenes on TikTok and it’s surprisingly entertaining.


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This is not related to current news but Lucy Liu as 80s icons in Marie Claire China is the kind of photo shoot you don’t see a lot of anymore – it’s dressing up just for fun. And she looks really good as Andy Warhol. 


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