This photo has officially entered Lenny Kravitz canon alongside the scarf photo (which I won’t even link to, because that would be patronizing – we’ve all committed that photo to memory). Just Lenny and a coconut. 


Is it me or does a young Jeremy Renner look a lot like Chad Michael Murray? Like wow. When Jeremy was starting out, Chad was working steadily and I could totally see Jeremy’s agent sending him out for CW shows that wanted that CMM flavour. 


This is the silly distraction we need: a UK TV channel commissioned a survey asking 200 Brits who should be put in charge if aliens make it to Earth. Top 5 are: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Will Smith, David Attenborough, Bruce Willis, and Tom Cruise. Now obviously this is a terrifying list because 4 out of 5 of those people are movie stars that work with fictional aliens, not the real thing. Like there’s no director or stunt double, how far do you think they would get? No, I’m scrapping this whole list. My picks would be Oprah (she would ask them why they are here), Stanley Tucci (he’s just really charming and would be a good host to the aliens) and, just in case, Katie Holmes (because she knows how to escape alien-adjacent organizations).

Love this blue Marc Jacobs dress on Ashley Graham. Usually I’d call this baby blue but now I would call it Bridgerton blue. Do you think Bridgerton fashion, like the empire waist gowns, will influence spring dressing now that some areas are opening up more and people have a reason to get dressed? I do. (Sarah wrote about the use of the colour blue in the Bridgerton world to signify class and status here.)


(Hi it’s Lainey and I’m going to insert myself here, shamelessly, because I definitely am influenced by Bridgerton fashion – recently, to host the Toronto Film Critics Association awards gala with Kathleen, I picked a dress that was inspired by Bridgerton, and Gwyneth Paltrow’s wedding dress in Shakespeare in Love, which I know isn’t the same era but I’m conflating it all, sorry. And then I slapped some Asian sauce on the whole look and I think I might live here for a while.)

Paulina Porizkova has been having some interesting conversations on her Instagram about aging, modelling, and beauty standards – including the role models have in setting that standard. In one caption, she wrote that if she had access to all of the current stuff (like lip injections and teeth capping) as a teen, she would have totally changed the way she looked, even though she went on to be a wildly successful model. Has “Instagram face” erased all uniqueness, or was that uniqueness always within a very constrained space of being white, thin, and tall (with a few outliers)? This is the debate. She also posted a photo after a plasma eye treatment, which I’ve researched. I do get PRP facials with microneedling and they are really effective for me, although for about a week after I look like beef carpaccio. 


Drew Barrymore has launched a kitchen appliance line available at Walmart called Cook With Beautiful. So far there’s a blender, toaster, air fryer, and toaster oven, all in mint green. Coloured appliances are a commitment, especially if you leave them on the countertop all the time, so my concern would be if I get a mint green toaster, then will I need to get a mint green blender, too? I would have to switch out everything because the mismatching would drive me nuts. 

I refuse to learn or care about NFTs. This cannot be a real thing.