Smutty Social Media, March 19, 2018

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Barbra Streisand’s dogs have been on mind a lot lately. The cloning, of course, because it’s the kind of thing that happens in movies about class war in a futuristic dystopian society – it screams “eccentric wealth". But there’s something a touch off-kilter about this floral tribute to her dogs. I think they are made of carnations – and they are not uncommon. I found a whole list of people who make dog-themed arrangements. And how did “a fan” get flowers to Barbra Streisand? Can I be a floral conspiracist and posit that maybe, possibly, it was someone close to Babs who sent these? Or a regular order. Maybe it’s décor for the dogs’ wing of the house.


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Once in a while I get a worried email about Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan’s status, based on their Instagram interaction (or lack thereof). Here they are together after a facepainting session with Everly.


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It wasn’t too long ago that Patrick Dempsey was the mature heartthrob on the show that made you cry. Torch passed.


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Jonah Hill has joined Instagram and has already honed in on an aesthetic – black and white. Simple and a little old-fashioned, a little detached. It’s a good choice for these kinds of photos.


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The Hilton sisters posted a photo from an event Nicky hosted at Kitson. Did I bump my head in the middle of the night? Is it 2006?!


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Ditto for “We Are The Champions.”

Jason Sudeikis continues to make a case for DILF status.


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Sometimes I feel like Instagram’s algorithm has been designed to torture me. I’ll have St. Pat’s Day posts from the weekend at the top of my feed for at least three days.


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