Rashida Jones is in the early stages of writing a 9 to 5 reboot (along with Patricia Resnick, the original co-scriptwriter). The original cast is attached. Dolly, Lily, Jane. It’s early stages, and projects like this can fall apart for a million reasons, but what if it actually makes it?


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Are spray tans still a thing? I’m sure they are, but the goal is to look like you haven’t had a spray tan. It’s more about the dewy-ness of bronzer. Lucy Liu uses Bronze Glow by celebrity makeup artist Roxanne Rizzo (the two have a longstanding relationship). I would definitely try this because I’m a beauty product junkie who weirdly dislikes most makeup. But would I spray it on when I was already dressed in black? I feel like it would get on everything. 


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I once read a story that nipple pasties have “evolved from circus staple to Coachella casual.” If that is true (are nipple pasties Coachella casual?), the credit goes to Dita Von Teese. And Lil Kim. Remember when Diana Ross came out and gave her left one an open palm jiggle? Award shows are so uptight now. 


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I’ve seen a few “Nick Jonas making out with mystery woman” headlines and haven’t bothered to click. He’s a 25-year-old pop star and former boybander -- it would be more surprising if he wasn’t making out with someone.


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When Lin-Manuel meets Weird Al. 

Fashion month has thankfully come to a close. No more “candid” street style shots of bloggers wearing puffer jacket and clogs with white jeans. For many brands (like Victoria Beckham and Alexander Wang), it was their last season in New York. And Kendall Jenner did not walk in Paris, New York or Milan. Whatever you think of her family, she is successful at her job. In 2017, she was the highest paid model (beating out Gisele Bundchen who, to be fair, is semi-retired). There’s a larger shift happening around fashion shows, which are cost-prohibitive, time-consuming and incredibly stressful for the staff and models – with live streaming and the breakdown of fashion’s hierarchy, is the runway still relevant?


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Jennifer Lawrence gets to hang with 2 out of 3 of her dream dinner guests, courtesy of Andy Cohen.

I didn’t know that the 1998 Oscars ceremony was the most widely-watched ceremony ever. And the red carpet is glorious – Drew Barrymore with daisies in her hair, Matt and Ben with their moms, Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum, Matt Dillon and Cameron Diaz, Fiona Apple and PTA – there’s so more, I won’t ruin the fun. Richard Lawson at Vanity Fair (who I always love reading) also recapped the post-Oscars Barbara Walters special. A great rabbit hole to fall into this weekend