There’s a new cover story about Jessica Simpson for Entrepreneur magazine. I read it and because I’ve followed her career for so long, there wasn’t a lot of new information in there. She and her mother paid $65 million to get her name back and now they own the company outright. If you are into the nuances of contract legalities and licensing (which I am), it’s an interesting read. As is, Jessica’s continued branding as the underdog. 


Never Have I Ever has wrapped season three, so what are we looking at here in terms of release – summer 2022? I have no idea how long the editing process takes, but I’m very excited about the new season. This week, I also finished The Sex Lives of College Girls, which is delightful and feels like continuation of that world Mindy and her team built for Never Have I Ever.

Lindsay Lohan has signed a two-picture deal with Netflix and this is huge because it means that they (the powers that be at Netflix) liked working with her on her upcoming Christmas movie, which means she was prepared, professional, on time and didn’t cause any delays. This is very positive news.


I have no insight on the aggression against Ukraine and am not educated enough to speak on it. Obviously, in times of crisis, celebrity news seems very small (and it is) but the culture that celebrity stems from is not small. Films, sports and TV part of people’s lives and choices made in those arenas do have real-world impact. Hollywood mixes with a lot of powerful Russians, like Roman Abramovich, who is currently making headlines regarding the sale of his football club, Chelsea. My familiarity with Roman comes from him being a superyacht host who was once married to very prominent socialite Dasha Zhukova (who is now married to Stavros Niacharos). Both Roman and Dasha are party of several prominent circles; Roman hangs with Leo and the Wolf Pack and Dasha is tight with Derek Blasberg, Kate Hudson, Karlie Kloss and, of course, Wendi Deng. Many countries want to put a clamp on these oligarchs and their bank accounts and real estate portfolios. This kind of financial scrutiny is not welcome by billionaires. There’s also plenty of them who invest in films because they want that proximity to fame and movie stars and right now, there’s probably some studios and production companies that are worried about their name being tangled up in this. 


Jimmy Fallon and Jennifer Lopez wrote a children’s book together which seems bit random until we dig in a bit. Jimmy is a safe space for celebrities and he was in Marry Me, plus, he has written several children’s books. This one is multilingual (Spanish and English) and, in terms of long-term branding, is he looking to continue these stories with different celebrity co-authors? That could be an entire series. 


Why do Martha Stewart’s captions go so hard.