This photo is supposed to highlight Ben Schwartz dancing with James Corden, but what is the standout? What is pulling focus? Julia Roberts, of course, sitting there with her grin and movie star halo. She can’t help it. 


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Jane the Virgin is starting really soon – how do we think it will end? I predicted one major plot twist but I was caught off-guard by last season’s finale. But the more I’ve thought about it, the more I’m convinced they told us what will happen. 


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Diddy and Mariah both love memes of themselves. They collaborated on the classic "Honey", her breakout hit after her emancipation from Tommy Mattola. Think they ever hooked up? Is it too late to Gossip Genie this?


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Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard decided to take on the idea of privacy in entertainment media because they did not want their children photographed, something they said happened frequently. Since then, they’ve built a co-brand around their marriage and family life, the “cool mom and dad” with lots of marriage and parenting advice. It’s a bold choice to make in Hollywood, putting your marriage on the forefront of the conversation. Will and Jada have done it with humility and heart. That PEOPLE cover, with the “happily ever after” headline, feels like a humblebrag. Or maybe just a brag?


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Just what the world needs, more plastic water bottles. Read the room, Marky Mark. 


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