Chris Evans isn’t on Instagram… yet. He should join. I’m actually curious as to why he hasn’t as he’s pretty active on Twitter. The new Avengers movie would be the perfect reason. Not that it needs the promotion.

Never one to miss an opportunity to lecture people, Shailene Woodley welcomes Al Gore to Instagram by implying that most people who use social media are shallow idiots.


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As Lainey has mentioned, it seems like Black Panther is constantly breaking records. There’s one more to add to the list: most Tweeted about movie of all time.   


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The new generation of billionaire tech nerds is de-evolving into the horror movie central casting version of billionaire tech nerds. Robot dogs, space colonization, invasive data mining – they think they are Tony Stark but really they are more like Patrick Bateman, minus the murder and Armani suits.


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J.Crew hasn’t quite recovered from Jenna Lyon’s departure. There’s been a definite cooling of the X factor it once had. And now she’s cooking. So can I be obvious and say Jenna is either moving to the editorial side (which would be interesting) or lifestyle? I had assumed she would launch her own clothing line or go into styling. Not that she can’t do all of the above. 


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I love Pretty in Pink, it’s my favourite teen movie of that era. I want an oral history on it, but I don’t know if there was enough drama on set to make it juicy. And I understand why Molly Ringwald didn’t keep the Pretty in Pink prom dress at the time. In theory, it should work (cold shoulder cut, mixed prints and materials) but the end result looked like a costume. When I think of movie fashion from that era, the best outfit that comes to mind is Molly’s in The Breakfast Club – it was from Ralph Lauren, bought off the rack. It still holds up.


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