I’m back! I’ve been keeping up daily with Lainey’s posts and I appreciate the BTS content and that she also kept my spirit alive with a Beckham shout out. My big news is that I was on vacation and saw Michael Jordan (he was golfing, we were passing through) and there are a few details I noted: he golfs alone, plays music (loud enough to hear) and was smoking a cigar. Tons of security. And he was out there every day. I’m not a huge sports person but even I was obsessed with The Last Dance so I can understand why people were absolutely losing their minds whenever he appeared. Like running towards the course Beatlemania style.


In rich white woman news, Martha Stewart’s dogs eat like royalty (no surprise) with homemade batches of food. In her caption, Martha acknowledges what a big task this is and how she is uniquely equipped to do it, writing “This is a monumental effort and unless you have a large stove, lots of bowls and a lot of energy, make a much smaller batch.” In other words, unless you have a farmhouse, industrial kitchen, staff, and are Martha Stewart, just go to the store. 


The Avengers often stick together, even online, but only RDJ posted about Scarlett Johansson’s skin care line, unless I missed some stories? But Robert, who’s a leader for Marvel, put it right on the main grid. 

Speaking of skin care, Chris Evans is not my flavour of hot guy but he does look really fine here. And he knows it. Is it the purple?


Lainey posted Gabrielle Union’s dress last week and she’s right, it’s amazing. And so is this dress (by Interior) – the red with the green shoes. It’s driving me nuts it’s so good. At this point it’s a given that Gabrielle is going to turn it out every single time but I’m still so surprised by her styling with each outfit. So… why no couture contract? Maybe it’s because she has her own line at NY&Co and that’s an exclusive? 

Turning Red is on constantly in my house, we are all obsessed. This morning my kids asked me if they could order a 4 Town album and it’s a problem because we don’t have a CD player. But not being able to get the package, with liner notes!, is killing me. 


Are one-shoulder cut-out dresses the red carpet look of the season? I’m calling it now: this will be a dominant silhouette at the Oscars.