There are going to be some funky recipes that come out of this era – a Food Network star will come out with “Cooking Under Quarantine: 123 Recipes to Help You Stretch Your Pantry and Conserve Your Toilet Paper” in no time. On another note – is Kumail still jacked? How does that kind of workout happen at home?


“He can’t wait to eat this brick” cracked me up. A lot of people are trying to bake now, with bread and banana bread as the most popular selections, but many have no business f-cking with yeast. 


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Cousin Greg (Nicholas Braun) probably wasn’t famous enough to make it into Gal Gadot’s Imagine video, but he’s taking the piss here, clearly.

As filming is shut down all over the world, I am worried about my beloved Succession – are the writers working out storylines on Zoom? How far back will filming be pushed? Also, which fictional Roy would be the first to get Coronavirus? I think Tom would get it, not disclose it or quarantine himself, and pass it onto Cousin Greg. 


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Haircuts and hair colour are a topic of conversation right now. Like many of us, Kelly Ripa is on root watch. Kevin Hart said “f-ck it” to dying right now. Riz Ahmed tried to cut his own hair and, well, this is the result. But he looks great with a shaved head so it doesn’t really matter. Then there’s the question of bangs – don’t tell me bangs have not crossed your mind, even once, over the last week or so. How many of us are going to come out of this looking like “Pinterest fail” Zooey Deschanel?


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Lainey sent me this Tweet about Kirstie Alley and it reads like a typical “25 Things You Don’t Know About Me.” Number 13: “I’m horrified by saltwater crocodiles and have nightmares about them.” Well, who wouldn’t be afraid of a crocodile, right? 14: “I wear very expensive shoes and carry cheap purses.” Oh interesting. 19: “I feel sad for people who are depressed or anxious who are given drugs instead of real solutions and help.” Ummmmmm. What?! This took a turn. She just dropped some Xenu in the mix and continued on like it was nothing. 

Marlee Matlin fits her Oscars dress, 30 years later. Look how much styling makes a difference – she could still get away with wearing that dress today; it was designed by a Broadway costume designer.

In this interview excerpt, she says she got some bad advice in the styling department from her hairdresser (baby’s breath) and boyfriend, who told her to wear her horn-rimmed glasses because she’s “not a model.” She attended the Oscars with William Hurt. What a jealous prick. (For more on her night, including being “berated” by him in the limo after the ceremony and her account of being raped, read this Daily Beast article.)


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There’s new material for the Finn and Poe shippers. As if they needed it. 


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Pedro Pascal is “liking” Tweets making fun of the Imagine video, which he took part in. So Pedro Pascal gets a pass. We will erase Pedro’s contribution from our memory. 


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Kyle Chandler doesn’t have Instagram (obviously) and is supremely private, but Austin is his hometown and he went to foster a puppy – and ended up adopting. Damn he’s handsome. We don’t hear the word hunk a lot anymore, but Coach Taylor is a hunk.


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