Reese Witherspoon got a ton of birthday love yesterday and here is some of it. Zoe Kravitz and Kate Hudson both did her right with their photo choices. 


If you’ve ever wanted to watch Kevin Bacon serenade a goat with “I Want it That Way”, today is your day. Also, this looks like a llama to me but I am far from an authority on animals, especially farm animals. If you are, please note that Kevin identified it as a goat, not me.


The co-creator of UnREAL, Sarah Gertrude Shapiro, is taking Chris Harrison and The Bachelor team to task for how they feature and talk about race on the show. (For background, Sarah was a producer on The Bachelor for two years before going on to create the satirical UnREAL, which centered around a dating show called Everlasting.) The first season of UnREAL was biting and smart, but with a lot of drama and changes behind the scenes, the show’s tone and quality plummeted. In season two, Everlasting (the fictional show) featured a Black lead suitor – a pointed jab at the real-life Bachelor series – and it was a mess of white feminism and victimhood set against Black trauma. In 2016, Angelica Jade Bastién wrote about it and Orange is the New Black in this essay, “Why Black Writers Rooms Matter” and I looked for it after reading Shapiro’s quote because the essay points out all the ways that white audiences are catered to when it comes to telling stories of race on screen.


John Mayer is on TikTok and posted a video with a couple of dogs. Some people speculated that the white one is Jennifer Aniston’s dog Lord Chesterfield. It is not, but that won’t stop this BS tidbit from snaking its way through click-bait sites this week. 


Here’s more “man with dogs” content that I think several of you will be interested in.