Vogue has a first look of Pamela Anderson in Chicago. She looks fantastic. 


Is this a leather suit? I think it is, and while I appreciate that the JoBros take big swings with fashion, I think it’s the pant leg that’s throwing me off. If doing boot cut leather pants, I would have suggested to crop it at the ankle. Or change it to a tapered leg. 

The first promo photo (I think?) for the Oscars is out and I have a small concern: Regina Hall is holding an Oscar and is that like a sports trophy, where holding one is considered bad luck if you haven’t won it yet? I don’t know if that’s true but I do want her to win an Oscar one day. (Sarah: she should have been nominated for Support The Girls!)


Today I was reminded of a very important moment in gossip: A Low Vera! If you know, you know. Julia is, of course, much more low-key now but my lord, the way she is sipping her coffee, talking on her flip phone and staring right into camera is art. A custom made t-shirt to annoy your boyfriend’s ex is a fine line to walk and not many could do it without looking desperate. They don’t make movie stars like this anymore!


Elise Loehnen is not a celebrity name but was a micro celebrity through her job as the head of editorial at Goop when it was its most controversial by way of click-baity stories (like articles on vaginal steaming and promoting refuted claims about bras causing breast cancer). She was GP’s right-hand woman and had a huge part in the first season of Goop’s Netflix show. Elise left the company to write a book (she’s a successful ghostwriter), and is making headlines for “slamming” toxic wellness culture. While this sounds juicy, it’s actually more nuanced than that. She does say that the constant rotation of cleanses was punishing on her body and based on deprivation, but then in the same post talks about a recent liquid cleanse she did. Many wellness brands promote disordered eating through the guise of “health” which is always, always, always a euphemism for thinness. That’s always the goal but it's never explicitly stated and wrapped up in “empowerment” language, which makes people feel worse because they are constantly failing at a wishy-washy goal of “clean eating” (which is often just a restrictive diet). Does Elise now see how she contributed to that culture via Goop? Maybe, but body acceptance (or neutrality) is a serious thing to contend with, especially when “cleansing” was tied to one’s job. I hope we hear more from Elise, but this is not what the headlines are making it out to be. And maybe Elise doesn’t want to burn a bridge in her career or contend with Gwyneth’s disapproval right now. As for Gwyneth, I imagine she’s irritated by these headlines as it’s not a great time for this to come out. Anne Hathaway is earning rave reviews for playing GP’s scammer cousin Rebekah Neumann in WeCrashed. The combination of these stories, along with the Insider profile of Goop’s culture and significant layoffs, are probably not scaring investors quite yet because of GP’s shine, but it should give anyone with a brain some pause. The company seems wildly over-evaluated (just like WeWork once was), and right now, scammer stories are hot. There’s probably a business reporter digging into the financials.