I’m aware Jake Gyllenhaal has a girlfriend but he will be on SNL with Camila Cabello and for one brief second, my mind went there. The gossip implications would be significant. 


Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo are selling their home, which is interesting because in this Architectural Digest story, he said they were not selling the home for “at least a year.” They are slightly ahead of schedule with this listing, but a house that costs this much takes some time to sell. Also, I imagine because they are celebrities, buyers are pre-screened so there’s no looky loos. It’s not like they are putting a sign in the yard, you know? I do wonder why they set up the home with so many specific touches (like shoe displays) to turn around and sell it so quickly. Maybe they enjoy renovating? I don’t think it’s anything personal as they were just in Vegas together for a wedding (flip to fifth photo to see). 


Lizzo has me wondering what could this be? A clothing line? (Which would be amazing.) An acting role? A world tour? Tell us!

Although I am not the demographic for this, I imagine this is like Paris, Lindsay and Britney getting into a car together or Taymerica parties. A monumental moment for fans.


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♬ Just a Cloud Away - Pharrell Williams

This video of Anthony Anderson hitching a ride with strangers to get home from Best Buy is going to be his go-to talk show anecdote for a long time because it’s very funny. Here’s my question: Anthony went to Best Buy with the intent of buying a TV, so how did he think he was getting home with it? Uber? How did this happen exactly – this kind stranger noticed Anthony struggling with the big box and offered to take him home? And let him drive? To be honest I hate doing this kind of errand and can understand why Anthony accepted the ride. I’ve been in the parking lot at Best Buy and realized that TVs aren’t supposed to be laid flat for transport and had to return it because it wouldn’t fit in the trunk. If at that moment someone offered me a ride home and could fit a TV standing up, I’d probably take it, too. 


The double-slit leg on Eva Longoria is a bold choice but for the right event, why not? It looks great when she’s going down the stairs and strutting on the sidewalk. The designer is Toni Maticevski and I’m not familiar with his work but looked at his Instagram and I love some of the gowns. Someone should have snapped up this white dress for the Oscars.