Jewel was recently on a podcast and claimed that her mother embezzled a ton of her money, millions and millions of dollars. It’s a very sad but all-too-familiar story when talented people have parents who are involved in their career. We’ve seen it from everyone from Beyonce (an audit of her finances spurred a split from her father Matthew) to the Culkins. By the time the theft is discovered, the money is unrecoverable. 


Julianna Hough is going back to Dancing With the Stars as a host which kind of surprised me as she was working on her own fitness brand (Kinrgy) which still has an active Instagram but isn’t in her bio. She also had a wine, I think? The show moved to Disney+ but it’s only a two season deal and could go back to ABC. My parents would be thrilled. 


Like many of us, Molly Shannon is dreaming about Vanderpump Rules. Literally dreaming about it! (Did you see the double seating chart at the reunion because of the restraining order? OMG.) And I have to say, I don’t like Jimmy’s tone here. He has Bachelor people on all the time so let’s not get snobby about our reality TV Jimbo.


How cold is it in this studio? Adam Sandler’s puffy jacket is cracking me up (second photo). You know what? I’m throwing this into As Seen on Social Media next Wednesday. 

Spencer Pratt is talking about the business of reality TV and how someone in a scandal can fumble the bag. He knows, he has talked about fumbling his own bag many times. He has institutional knowledge when it comes to this genre. 


Raquel finally pulled me into the drama #vanderpumprules

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Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudekis were photographed smiling and hugging at the end of January but are still battling it out in court, with Olivia’s attorney claiming that Jason’s team is using their income disparity to wear her down. The crux of the issue is New York versus California custody and please tell me these two have watched Marriage Story. The judge should make it mandatory viewing.

I love the styling for Brie Larson in BAZAAR and in the article, she talks about how free she is, saying “I don’t have a next job. I don’t have a home. I don’t have a partner. I don’t have a plan. I’m just completely open.” Brie has an Oscar and a superhero costume, two pretty big accomplishments for someone in their early 30s who is not a nepo baby.  On top of that, it’s not unusual for women who win an Oscar in their 20s and 30s to at some point take a step back and recalibrate their career and their life. (It’s not unusual for anyone to do this, actually.) It’s like an adult growth spurt. 


You has been renewed for a fifth and final season but I haven’t yet finished season four because I dislike so much about it, from the ham-fisted class war to the love interest. In the books, Joe is petty and emotional and very funny and sexual and (obviously) deranged and a lot of that is missing now. Not because of Penn Badgley, who remains perfect for the role, but because of the world built around Joe.