I have Bill Hader’s new show Barry on my must-watch list because it’s about a hitman who joins the local theatre scene. Do you remember in The Sopranos how Christopher wanted to be in the movie business? It was one of the most layered storylines – there’s something about wacking someone after improv that is particularly tragic. And D’Arcy Carden is in it. I actually should have started with that. Janet!


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This review has made me curious – “punchable face” is a description we use often here. With the right script, Oliver Hudson could definitely have a punchable face.


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I’m certainly not the first to ask this, but what is a Kushner family dinner like?


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I hate to be a “well actually” person, but it was usually Paris and Nicole on the red carpet. If we don’t learn from history we are doomed to repeat it.


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I’m House Miscellaneous.


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I have seen this lace-up detail on a few pieces this season, particularly on bomber jackets. It reminds me of a football uniform (not that I’ve ever worn a football uniform). Very sporty.


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Christina Aguilera has revamped her website. Is she getting ready for something in particular?


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It’s hard to believe Star Jones is only one degree away from Beyoncé.


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Slime is big business in elementary schools. I know a girl who was making her own slime at home, came up with a company name and sold it for $2 a pop. It was so popular she could hardly keep up with production. The school shut her down. We think it’s a Big Vending Machine conspiracy – they only want that change going into their pockets. As for Tori Spelling’s kid, my only advice would be she should get her own bookkeeper. 


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