Kevin James dressed as Prince should be reported to the FCC. I am offended.


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When I saw the headlines that Paris Hilton “lost her $2 million engagement ring,” I had a feeling it would turn up. And it has, but probably without the fanfare she was hoping for. I have been banging on a lot about Paris working her way back into the pop culture conversation, but I may have overestimated her. A “lost engagement ring” is a weak play considering how consistently bonkers every headline is these days.  


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Even Scott Eastwood’s mom knows he makes this face too much and wants him to stop. Scott, listen to your mother.


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Why would they shoot additional promotional images for Ballers? The Rock has been wearing the same suit for four seasons and doesn’t age. It seems like a waste of production money.


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This has to be the worst photo crop ever, but also I stand with Maude. Don’t f-ck with a 20-year-olds photo approval.


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Gisele has written a book, Lessons: My Path to a Meaningful Life, which is available for pre-order right now. So she will be on the celebrity book tour – magazines, talk show appearances, maybe a podcast. First stop is the WSJ magazine – it’s a serious but ultimately very celeb-friendly magazine. I haven’t read the article (I am on vacation and need to go through the process of finding my log-in) but the first two sentences are about Dunkin’ Donuts. More specifically, how much Gisele loves Dunkin’ Donuts. Does this sound like Gisele? Donuts?! Of course not. She won’t sell books by pissing off the Minivan Majority like she usually does.


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I don’t watch Silicon Valley but this intro has me way more intrigued than any of the TJ stuff.