John Cleese didn’t get a call back from Netflix so he’s sh-tting on people, like Nicole Byer, who did get a call back. Interesting that he chose her – why not Ricky Gervais, who recently released a Netflix special? John laments the state of comedy while giving everyone his resume. But he’s also someone who thinks “Mexican teenage bandit” still plays. Feeling very smug about my 15-year-old self who didn’t think Fawlty Towers was funny. 







Al Roker got new glasses and they are bold. He’s an unexpected eyewear influencer. 


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Paris Hilton is reportedly dating British comedian Jack Whitehall, who has dated Gemma Chan and Kate Beckinsale. Following the musical chairs nature of these relationships, Pete Davidson and Paris Hilton will eventually hook up.


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Leslie Mann looks so content in this photo. 


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Remember when Blake Lively closed Preserve and said that she would come out with something even better? That was three years ago and that “something” hasn’t materialized but staying out of the lifestyle game is not a bad move for her. A Simple Favor wasn’t a box office smash but it seems like a lot of people loved it, and her next film, The Rhythm Section, is directed by Reed Morano and stars Jude Law and Sterling K. Brown. Then she is set to work on The Husband’s Secret, an adaptation of a Liane Moriarty novel. It seems like she’s choosing interesting work and when she isn’t promoting a movie, pretty much keeps out of the public eye. Lifestyle requires a year-round sell.


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