The FBI will eventually close a file. The BeyHive never forgets.


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Chrissy Metz is promoting her new book, This Is Me. In this new interview with Flare, she talks about the chapter that focuses on a bathroom emergency (“Bathroom Blowout”) during a date. As we know, Lainey is obsessed with poo. Is this her weekend read?


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We don’t get a lot of Harry Styles candids anymore, do we? Certainly not as many as when he was in 1D or with Taylor or Kendall. But the break is very good for him. Anyone can be a tabloid star, but very few make the jump from boy band to solo artist. He chose wisely.


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Speaking of 1D, apparently Niall Horan and Hailee Steinfeld are dealing with one another. It hasn’t exactly been on the down low since they’ve been leaving social media crumbs for months. This won’t fill the Gigi/Zayn hole in my heart (nothing will!) but I think this is a pairing I can get behind. 


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I love Mimi’s quote on why her look has stayed so consistent over the years. It’s an interesting point about how some pop artists use aesthetics to signal evolution, even when they aren’t growing as artists.


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For absolutely no reason, I checked on Jennifer Love Hewitt on social media (I sometimes like to do this – check on a random celebrity that isn’t promoting anything, just to see what they are up to). She does mom and wine dates that are on Facebook live, I think? I can’t really tell. But here she showed off some playdate Easter eggs. Google tells me her children are 2 and 4. Am I supposed to believe toddlers made these eggs, even with the help of the Egg Mazing egg decorator kit? Don’t lie to me, Jennifer Love!