Becky G. is the latest celebrity who has not only had to endure cheating from her partner, but a groveling Instagram statement. But while he gets to turn off his comments, she showed to up to work at the iHeartRadio Music Awards. And she left her comments on. 


The awesome Kayleigh Donaldson at Pajiba wrote “What’s Going On with Zachary Levi” and I think she perfectly captures the weirdness of it all. I’m not offended by him in any way it’s just, to borrow Kayleigh’s word, curious. 


Parenting is very expensive and Nick Cannon has many children to account for. So how does his child support payment system work? He says it’s on an as-needed basis: if the mother of one of his children asks for something, he provides it. I don’t think I’ve heard anything about him in court or pushing back against his responsibilities so if everyone feels this situation is fair and beneficial to the children involved, good for them all.


The Rock’s name got caught up in the DC reshuffle as Black Adam has turned into not just a box office disappointment but a whole behind-the-scenes mess. Reportedly, Johnson and team were trying to center DC around Black Adam and Superman and not only did that not work out but Henry Cavill, who was managed by Dany Garcia (Dwayne’s long-time manager, business partner and ex-wife), fired her before the news about Superman came out. That’s what we know and it’s messy. And I wonder if The Rock, who has an “honest” and straightforward brand, will ever go deep on this for a trade publication like The Hollywood Reporter. 


Jon Bernthal is going back to The Punisher for Marvel. He had a very hot streak about a year ago (he was everywhere) but I have a theory that he doesn’t have a good picker. Either he’s being offered the wrong roles or he’s choosing the wrong ones because his work (which is quite good) is not lining up with the right projects.