In Chris Rock’s latest Netflix special, he makes a joke about Halle Berry. I don’t want to screw up the exact wording, but Vulture has it on this list. He often likes her Instagram photos and in Tambourine he mentioned he was single (although he was dating Megalyn Echikunwoke last year). What I’m getting to here is how far off are we from Chris Rock and Halle Berry? It would be pretty major.


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Charlie XCX as Ed Sheeran for Lip Sync Battle (OK seriously how is this show still on?) is slightly terrifying. 


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Please read or watch this story so we can use “My face is a backstage pass” forever and ever.

Isn’t Cardi B. pregnant? Because she could do it and blame it on that.

The Zoe Report, Rachel Zoe’s online lifestyle site, has been acquired by Bustle. Rachel is now a majority stock holder in Bustle Digital Group. The Zoe Report launched in 2009 when she was at the height of her styling/reality TV career and about a year before her clothing line launch – very fortuitous timing. Bustle has been raising capital to acquire sites, but is the ultimate goal an IPO? I don’t think Rachel would want majority shares if that wasn’t at least part of the discussion.


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Although I’ve been excited about the Roseanne reboot, I haven’t watched the premiere yet. I don’t know if I will ever watch the new version, but I have been reading a lot of reviews – like Tom Arnold in The Hollywood Reporter (the editor who assigned that story deserves a fruit basket) and Ira Madison’s thoughts on Twitter.