Gisele Bundchen covers Vogue Hong Kong for April – she has been the “green supermodel” for a long time. Looking back, she’s done several of these kind of jungle-esque covers for Vogue, like this one (July 2018) and this one  and this one and this one and, all the way back in 2001, this one. Beyond this specific setting, I’ve also noticed that she’s often styled in green and/or the cover font is in green. I guess after 140 Vogue covers internationally, there’s bound to be some repetition. 


Mindy Kaling’s polo shirt is from Rowing Blazers, a NYC-based line that has all kinds of preppy gear. I bought a vintage-style tennis club sweater from there (I don’t play tennis and am not a member of a country club) that I’ve been living in. Polos are going to be key piece this summer and a great thing about them is that you can find them at most price points, sizes and styles. I had to return something in-store the other day to a semi-hip youthful store and the attendant was wearing a polo shirt over wide leg jeans and I asked her about the shirt and she said “it’s vintage Ralph Lauren from the 90s.” Excuse me?! 90s is vintage now?!!! Anyway she looked cute.

Heartbreakers is the Spy of the early aughts (highly underrated comic gem) and I was so happy to see this Vulture piece celebrating its 20-year anniversary with Jennifer Love Hewitt. Coincidentally, grifts are very much back in.


Drew Barrymore is launching a magazine with Bauer Media. It’s called Drew and there are no details yet on how many issues there will be or what format it will take (paper, online, or both). Drew has tried this once before with Flower Press and I’m not sure how many issues that went for. Running a print publication is time-consuming and expensive (I don’t think Goop has put one out since  Gwyneth’s wedding cover in 2019) but I hope Drew’s venture is successful because media continues to be gutted on every level. In Canada alone, it’s estimated that 3,000 jobs were lost in 2020 (source) and if people with money want to start up print and online publication and hire and pay not just writers and editors but graphic designers, copy editors, fact checkers, photo editors etc, I think it’s an excellent use of resources. 


W Magazine has Sofia Coppola and her muses for its latest cover, which doubled as a Kirsten Dunst pregnancy announcement. The cover reminds me of the scene of Kirsten waking up on the field in The Virgin Suicides – can anyone shoot a woman in repose quite like Sophia Coppola? And the inside shots have the richness and ornateness she does so well, the layers of pastels and florals and fabrics. 


Lil Nax X grew up on the Internet. He ran a Barb (Nicki Minaj fandom) stan account. It’s insane to me that anyone (especially Boomers) think they can tussle with him. You cannot out-troll the best, most clever, most prepared, most talented troll in the game. We are lucky he even allows people over 30 to view his content.