Mindy Kaling covers TIME and her work – from her books to Netflix – hit a very specific, underserved audience with a mix of rom-com sensibility and stellar casting. Give me Never Have I Ever right now!   


The further away we get from The Slap, the worse the takes are getting. We’ve seen Zoë Kravitz on Instagram but, um, there’s a whole lot going down on Twitter with her name now. Search it if you are so inclined.

Amy Schumer is “triggered,” a very loaded word to use. One thing that’s really sticking out for me regarding Amy is that she has somehow become the “lead” host in all of the coverage, no? Like her name is at the forefront of most headlines and she seems to be getting most of the coverage. Hmmm. 


As I said above, the bad takes are fast and furious right now, including the idea that Kirsten Dunst was upset about being called a seat filler in what was clearly a planned bit. I’m not saying it worked, but people actually think Amy thought Kirsten was a seat filler. Come on y’all, her acting wasn’t that convincing. Also, Kirsten stepped out of the shot and was watching the monitor. She knew, and she confirmed she knew via her Instagram stories. I can’t believe we are even talking about this and not the fact that Jesse Plemons called her “his wife.” Did we know they are married? I did not and I adore them together.

Kirsten Dunst's Instagram story

This is a delightful video of Cardi B’s security watching over her and Kulture on the teacup ride at Disneyland. I assume she travels with more than one guard and I wonder how they decide who gets to do the ride and who stands watch at the gate. I get dizzy on spinning rides, so I wouldn’t be up to snuff for this job. I would go on the rollercoasters with them though.


It’s book season and there are SO many titles coming out. On my list is Grace Li’s Portrait of a Thief, which has already been optioned by Netflix. Her sister convinced me I need to read this book.

Chrissy Teigen took Sunday night as an opportunity to slip back onto Twitter and frankly I can’t blame her. Twitter is the town square, it’s where you want to be when sh-t goes down.


Also taking the time to weigh in is Alec Baldwin who… should perhaps have sat this one out. Oh and he and Hilaria are expecting another child together. When she first quit social media I gave it two weeks but she outlasted my prediction and went almost a month without posting. (Not to sound facetious, but how is a baby at this age/stage a surprise? They certainly know how babies are made by now!)