Gwyneth Paltrow did a 12-minute beauty video for Vogue and it is exactly what you would expect from her, lots of vague wellness promises. But would it be GP without a little bit of trolling? She mentions sunscreen and makes some interesting claims and dabbles some very judiciously, pretty much the opposite advice of what most dermatologists would say. Sunscreen is always emphasised for healthy skin as well as preventative skin care. One thing that drives me up the wall is that many celebrities do these with a full face of makeup. Who puts eye patches on without taking their makeup off? Vogue didn’t do a great job with the music either, it’s what you would get waiting on hold for the cable company. (Thanks for sending Anum!)


The funny thing about these celebrity vaccine selfies is that 97% of the comments are positive but then there’s always one ding dong who writes “hOwMUch dID u GEt PaiD ToO PoST this?????????” He even beat them to the punch with a joke.


I think option A. But option B would be fun.

So there was some competition between sexiest bald men and people are outraged Stanley Tucci didn’t win. You know who is probably a little relived? Felicity Blunt. 


Channing Tatum has been really quiet this past year but he’s here riding a horse so some of you might enjoy this. (Lainey: also Zoe Kravitz commented on this post with a fire emoji, if you’re following that.)