“My partner”… “I have ever met”… “You make me”…”more than I knew I could”…”I cherish”…”your huz.” At this point it’s predictiable, the ME-ME-ME I-I-I prose. He also put up 5 photos, not of her, but of the two of them. In one, half her face is cut off and he’s looking directly at the camera. In another, her hair is covering her face as again, he looks directly into the camera. Not that we should expect any different.


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Ooooh there’s some food world sh-t going down between Cat Cora (who I have been actively side-eyeing since this exchange went down) and the world-renowned Chicago restaurant Alinea. It involves a reservation mix-up, a social media call-out and delete, and a Medium post in which receipts (like Cat Cora giving the restaurant GM the finger) are exposed. The only word that fits here is delicious.


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The Beckhams were in LA for work, including David’s statue unveiling with the LA Galaxy. They did a good job, right? Because we all know that statues can be extremely tricky (see: Ronaldo and Lucille Ball) but I think this works because the focus isn’t on the face but rather the motion. Also they gave him a lot of hair on top, which again pulls focus from the face, which can look really wonky on a statue. 


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Zayn did a tweet-and-delete directed at Gigi Hadid. (It said “love you.”) I don’t know how much there is to read into this because they are so off-and-on, we can’t expect a break-up or make-up to be permanent.


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Stella McCartney made Oprah’s dress for Meghan and Harry’s wedding, and as Oprah said at the time, Stella’s team stepped in with only 24 hours notice to make her a new dress (the beige one she planned on wearing was photographing white). Is this a return of that favour? Or are we looking at a UK Vogue cover with Oprah in Stella? Quite possibly it’s both.


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I’m still extremely puzzled by Emily Ratajkowski’s double diamond ring, but I’m also puzzled as to why she and her husband don’t pay rent? And, barring rich parents, I’m a little confused about his estimated wealth ($12 millions). 


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