Avril Lavigne was on The Kelly Clarkson Show and they did a segment on "Breakaway", which Avril wrote and Kelly made a hit. I always assumed this was widely known but it’s a surprise to some people. These two made great partners on this.

Sarah posted a Chris Pine catch up this morning and I would also like to do a Chris Pine catch up of a different variety: as Sarah briefly mentioned in her piece, Chris and Annabelle Wallis have reportedly split after four years together. We have two Gossip Genie opportunities here. This is one I need to think on. (if links aren't showing, click here)

Whenever a celebrity drops a new product, I’m always going on about the other things they do behind-the-scenes that they don’t talk about so openly (while trying to sell people a facewash they say makes them look fresh and youthful). Amy Schumer, to her credit, is pretty open about her procedures including injections (she had fillers and then had them dissolved) and talks about liposuction, which she says worked for her. (link to post)

Pitch Perfect is being turned into a Peacock show with Sarah Hyland, Jameela Jamil, and Lera Bova, with Elizabeth Banks as executive producer. Via THR, this series will follow Adam Devine (who played the hyper alpha lead of another acapella group). It’s unclear if any other original cast members will be back but Adam is also on The Righteous Gemstones (which I LOVE), so I’m curious how he was able to commit to another series. (link to post and second link here)

Vanity Fair’s Evgenia Peretz has written a definitive piece about the Vacsurgency. From the trolling buzzwords that flood social media (body sovereignty, vaccine hesitancy, vaccine skeptic, “just asking questions,” anti-mandate), she connects the misinformation and draws the line between disgraced asshole Andrew Wakefield (who has not been a licensed doctor for many years) to Robert DeNiro to Aaron Rodgers. It’s a fascinating read and for anyone who is interested in how misinformation campaigns flourish with a little help from celebrities. (link to post)

Hilaria Baldwin continues to do the most on social media and I think the thing that makes it so obnoxious is the manipulative tone and faux-empathy of it all. She just has to tell everyone she’s taking a break, this is her cross to bear!, so no one worries about them. She even might still manage a photo just so people know they are OK, that’s how “concerned” she is that her followers will be concerned about her. It has nothing to do with being an attention-seeking narcissistic pit of need who lives in a constant state of online victimhood and avoids any real conversation with platitudes about kindness, nothing at all. While Alec and Hilaria have their fans I’m sure, the ego and delusion on this woman is really something. Take a look around Hilaria, no one is checking in you in the Hamptons! Go forth with your many children and don’t you worry, Instagram will be fine. (I give her two weeks, tops.) (link to post)