Pour one out for Ned Rocknroll


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Lainey could introduce Ice T to some real wonders on YouTube. 

A few weeks ago, Lainey chose Kelly’s green bike-suit as Outfit of the Week.  Here Kelly is again wearing long shorts that hit at the same length as the green ones. To me, it looks like a classic Bermuda short (but feel free to tell me I’m wrong) and if Kelly wants to bring long shorts into the conversation, I say we listen because it is a very underrated and underutilized cut. 


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This piece is only 6 weeks old (which is like 6 years in Internet time) but it’s worth your break time if you haven’t yet read about It Boy Lukas Sabbat. He’s so pretentious it’s entertaining.

Lena Dunham is launching a new podcast with a co-host who is not Jenni Konner (we know that something went down there, but we don’t know exactly what). Instead she’s partnering with Alissa Bennett, a hyper-cool old friend (read about their relationship here. In the brief description, she writes, “We dig into the lives of historical women who society called mad, sad, or just plain bad.” There’s been a slew of this reconsideration of women like Marcia Clark, Monica Lewinsky, Lorena Bobbitt, and Tonya Harding. I could see Lena Dunham being interested in “bad” women because she considers herself labelled as one of them, even though she lives in a space of celebrity and opportunity. It is safe to “hate” Lena Dunham, but it’s also safe to be Lena Dunham.


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I haven’t been watching Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club but apparently Nico Tortorella made an appearance and Lindsay said they were once engaged. Um, what? I’m debating whether or not this is worth catching up on. I love trashy TV but even I have my limits.


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Kaavia continues to be unimpressed. 


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