I am very into this reboot of The Next Best Thing (except obviously this would be good).


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Macaulay Culkin live-tweeted the Oscars (without watching the actual show). Of course the headlines are that he was “blasting” some of the nominees, but I think he was just being funny and ironic. As Sarah noted years ago, Macaulay has been in a protective bubble, choosing to go away and stay away. Since he left the industry, the landscape has changed a lot and there are so many different mediums for projects that aren’t straight-up movie or TV shows. What I’m saying is, would he ever really come back? Maybe a Vice docu-series or a Ryan Murphy miniseries. He started a podcast this year

I am not down for this reunion. I have said many times I think Glee was cursed. Bad vibes.


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This is an interesting reunion too. Some of their expressions just look resigned to the fact that they have to take a photo together.


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SJP posted an effusive thank you to the cast, crew and audience of Divorce. (I finished it last night, it was a strong season and I hope it gets renewed by HBO.) Her note is very “nice,” very in line with reputation she has built over the years – the one that Kim Cattrall has no time for


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Jenna Dewan said that Channing was home with their daughter Everly on Sunday. Oscar week is important – that’s why so many of them work the party circuit, shaking hands and kissing babies. At a certain level you don’t need to do that anymore. Maybe Chan just wanted a break this year?


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Duana posted about this yesterday – it’s the shame that stings the most when a mistake like this was made. How did this get by everyone? It’s like the Best Picture envelope mess of last year. I need an oral history on this temporary tattoo. 

The Rock didn’t attend the Oscars or any of the parties – he was working on Ballers. But he did graciously accept a Razzie on behalf of Baywatch. If he was available for the ceremony, The Rock is definitely the type to show up and surprise everyone. (Sandra Bullock and Halle Berry have both accepted Razzies in person.) 


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I need to know if Shawn Mendes and Hailey Baldwin were canoodling at the Vanity Fair party.


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