A short American Idol clip of Katy Perry saying “wig” with a contestant is making the rounds on Twitter. She went on Kimmel shortly thereafter (after partying all night at Guy Oseary and Madonna’s Oscars after-party) and explained what “wig” means. Of course Katy Perry is expected to bring the social media buzz – this reboot is really riding on her. And that’s not necessarily an unfair expectation because the pressure is in-line with the paycheque



I don’t know if more reality TV in politics is necessarily a good idea right now. 

I have been laughing about this for a straight 12 hours. “I hope she doesn’t look at me differently when she finds out I’ve never gone all the way before.” Do you think the Wolf Pack is outraged that their Alpha’s virility is being besmirched? One thing I’ve wondered about Leonardo DiCaprio is if he has slept with a lot of virgins. He dates in the 19-24 range, so it’s certainly a possibility. But he strikes me as the guy who wouldn’t want to be first. Too much pressure, too much emotion. I think he’s a get in, get out kind of dude. (Literally.)


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When your doppelgänger is the most hated man in America (at least this week).


I am very proud of this 17-year-old for having a crush that will stand the test of time. This crush will never embarrass her. And she’s keeping her chill, despite the attention from Michael himself. The future is females who break their retainers watching Black Panther. 

At her most recent talk show appearance, Katie Holmes said she and the cast of Dawson’s Creek would be getting together soon (I think she meant socially). Really? Because it seems like, besides Busy Philipps and Michelle Williams being best friends, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of connection among them. And in terms of Katie Holmes – is her word reliable? I feel like this Jamie Foxx f-ckery has made her an unreliable source of information. 


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Gwyneth Paltrow is launching a podcast. Who do you think the first guest will be? It says “biggest deal imaginable.” Beyoncé came to mind. They are longtime friends, as much as most of us hate to be reminded of that. (Do you think G was invited to Bey and Jay’s Oscars after-party?) Getting Bey on a podcast would be seismic – I don’t now if even G could pull that off. Or maybe it’s Jay. We know how connected G is, she has a lot of A-list friends to choose from. Maybe it’s Jennifer Aniston. I would so listen to that.


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