Ariel Winter has replaced Demi Lovato on the NBC series Hunger after Demi reportedly had to drop out due to a scheduling conflict. This is interesting as they had already filmed the pilot and, as Deadline noted, they were attached to this show for over a year. While this seems a little dicey, Demi is staying on as executive producer and not exiting the project completely. Either more pressing work came up (like new music?) or perhaps they had a change of heart committing to a network schedule, which can be gruelling.


There were some new shots of Tom Cruise in the Daily Mail, smiling because he’s working. Tom loves to be a on set and shooting for Mission: Impossible 8 has been going on forever. I wonder if he’s anxious to wrap it up or if extending this kind of action-packed shoot for him is like extending an idyllic holiday… the days just melt into each other. His hair is longer here than we’ve seen it in a while and if I worked for Tom Cruise, this would be something I would push for him to keep. Long-hair Tom is nostalgic and softens him a bit. He probably doesn’t want to be seen as soft (that’s why he’s constantly jumping off skyscrapers) but he wildly underestimates how much that side of himself appeals to the public. 


This Page Six story on Daniel Kaluuya is old school and I’ll explain why: these kind of movie star “exposés” were huge for publications like The National Enquirer and splashy tabloids years ago. Apparently he’s bespelled by a life strategist, fired most of his team at CAA (as well as his publicity team and stylist) and is under her spell. Page Six did some digging and the gist is that a woman who goes by Heir Holiness has a lot of influence on his life and caused problems on the set of Nope. The Post says they got a hold of the woman they believe to be Heir Holiness and she denied working with him (but said she would love to), while another source said she runs his “day-to-day life but not his career” (what does that even mean???). Was she at his birthday party? Why wouldn’t his guru get a spot in the photo album. 

This takes a very specific kind of fearlessness!


I first saw this post on Twitter and it got me thinking about how content migrates between the two platforms. Oftentimes, celebrity posts move from Instagram to Twitter because it only makes the jump if it’s a really negative reaction (Chris Pratt, Gal Gadot) or a super positive reaction (Beyoncé, Rihanna). Stanley Tucci falls into the latter category – people just go nuts for his little thirst traps.