“I loved you in Slumdog Millionaire!”




I like how he managed to include two photos of his father on a post about International Women’s Day. That ol’ feminist icon Clint Eastwood.


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A very low-tier tabloid ran a story about how Teri Hatcher is homeless, broke and living in a van. Not only is it not true and a very offensive way to frame homelessness (along with their implication of mental illness), but it is the antithesis of laziness. There were pap shots of her in a van but if you look at her Instagram for 20 seconds you would see that she films a YouTube series in it. Or they could have had an intern Google it.

The trailer for the Midnight Summer movie is unintentionally hilarious. You see, Bella Thorne can’t go out in the sun or she will DIE. And Patrick Schwarzenegger is the boy next door who doesn’t know she will DIE if she goes out in the sun. How can we get Sarah to review this?


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I actually think this is worse than his Oscars outfit because at least the Vanity Fair party is an occasion. This is supposed to be casual and it’s so try-hard.


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