Goop is doing a lot of no-makeup celebrations, but it’s all promo for their goop Glow skin care products. This is extremely on-brand for them; empowerment with a price tag. 


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Gwen Stefani joined Blake Shelton on stage in a sick denim-and-diamond outfit, full hair and makeup as always and Blake is like, well this button down and bootcut jeans should work. 


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I started Love Is Blind on a time-change weekend, and I don’t know what’s making me more exhausted: Jessica or the lost hour of sleep. (Melayna walked us through the reunion here.)

But we do need to talk about how “hosts” Vanessa Manillo and Nick Lachey worked 3 days on this, max, right? There’s a particular scene in Mexico that clearly uses a body double for Vanessa – they shoot her from a weird angle from behind, and then it’s all voice-over. 


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We all know that Taylor Swift wants to keep her relationship with Joe Alwyn private, but she likes his photos and seeing as her fans are so observant, they will instantly notice if she ever doesn’t like that photo. Then it’s a thing. 


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The Beckhams held a blowout birthday party for Brooklyn’s 21st birthday, with a couple of Spice Girls, assorted friends and family and a performance by Stormzy. According to UK tabloids, they spent $100k on it. What’s the wealthy-to-regular people conversation on this? I wish we had a calculator, like a currency exchange, that could do the math. Is this like spending $1,000 on a party?

My other question is, where do guests stay for a big party in the country? Does the $100k include rooms for the night? That alone is a budget. (Also, do you notice how chill I am about David and Victoria. They are fine!)


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Ed O’Neill has been a sitcom star over a few generations; he’s as recognizable to parents as he is to teens. But Ed O’Neill has no interest in celebrities, and that’s what makes this anecdote about Leonardo DiCaprio and his daughters so funny. “Oh, my God, you always do this! You say you know them and you don’t know him! You’ll make a fool of me!” 


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Sometimes an out-context-scene will go viral on Twitter: this one, from One Tree Hill, is completely bonkers. It looks like the kind of clip that would run as a parody of a TV show within a TV show. I won’t spoil the ending, but there is an oral history of it from The Ringer (which Chad Michael Murray didn’t participate in). I didn’t ever watch One Tree Hill and this was so entertaining. 

Nothing says International Women’s Day quite like Lea Michele’s wedding. 


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