Mikhail Baryshnikov is 70 – he’s aging really well. I found an old 2014 interview in which he talked about Sex and the City and how young people choose TV over films, museums and concerts (he doesn’t frame it as a criticism, just an observation). Do you think he’s more recognized as Alexander Petrovsky than he is as himself? 


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These Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson cutouts are so much better than a photo booth! Great anniversary party idea. 


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Taylor Lautner was at Stagecoach, as were a lot of celebrities (like Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, who are regulars). The only crossover I could find between Coachella and Stagecoach, which happen a week apart on the same grounds, are Nick and Joe Jonas. 


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This Miranda Lambert story isn’t going away, because her new boyfriend’s ex doesn’t want it to go away. According to “sources,” she was ghosted – for two months! – by her husband. And her sources also clarified the timeline, saying Miranda and Evan weren’t “on tour,” they only played three dates together (they started flirtatiously texting before he had even left) and he didn’t come home after that. We know this is messy, and that Miranda has never shied away from messy. But I’m curious as to why and how PEOPLE, a celebrity-friendly space, is leaning so heavily on sources from the wife’s side of the triangle. Usually the celebrity is the one with the microphone, controlling the narrative. Does Miranda just not give a sh-t, or did PEOPLE simply not care if they pissed her off? And how much of a heads-up did her team get, because there’s no counter sources (from her or his side) quoted in the piece.


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Sometime yesterday, Blake Lively wiped her Instagram. She didn’t delete it, she just removed all of the photos and now only follows people named Emily Nelson (yes, she unfollowed Ryan Reynolds). Obviously this is promo for her upcoming movie with Anna Kendrick,  A Simple Favor, which they presented together at CinemaCon. Blake’s last post was a hangman clue that read, “What happened to Emily?” She plays Emily. Not a bad marketing campaign, but as Lainey pointed out, the movie isn’t coming out until September. This stunt is to promote the upcoming trailer. So how is Blake going to promote the actual full-length movie in the fall, when there’s so much noise around TIFF and prestige drops? Maybe she will go into the witness protection program and re-emerge on opening night.


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