Dembabies had a social distancing birthday party – does Mariah set up the Zoom? Is she the one dealing with the logistics of Roc and Roe’s classmates? I just can’t imagine Mariah saying, “Hold on Piper, you’re on mute” to their schoolfriend. This looks like a Roblox-themed party (check out the table cloth in the second photo), which means the twins are into that particular game. Is there anyone over the age of 12 who understands Roblox? It’s confounding. So many of these games have their own form of virtual money, like Vbucks (Fortnite), Robux (Roblox), coins (Minecraft) and kids are kids, famous parents are not – they are probably begging for packages too. It’s not like celebs can’t afford it, but it’s a never ending request, a virtual money pit. 


Last week, US Weekly ran a story about Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom having some “ups and downs” right now. The source put it down to stress about current times, but if it is a legitimate leak, I’m curious who wanted it out and why. Who isn’t up and down right now?

Just yesterday I wrote about Billions and today Gabriella Paiella’s profile on Paul Giamatti dropped in GQ. Her celebrity interviews are so fun and I always love reading her questions because it feels like she asks exactly what I want to know. The profile answered my question about why they are going ahead instead of delaying like so many other shows are doing; apparently, they have half a season and will have to complete filming when things resume, so the split between the first half and second half could be significant. And if you’ve seen the picture of Paul riding the subway looking forlorn, they get into that too. He’s right – people are never as slick with their camera phones as they think they are.

How did Ruby Rose get her hair like this? She went from brunette to pink/blue, so bleach had to happen, right? And the line down the middle is so precise. This took work. 


Can an internet story be its own kind of celebrity? For the purpose of this post, I’m going to say yes. Many of us remember The Awl’s Negroni Season essay. It was written by “Evelyn Everlady,” obviously a pen name. Until now. The writer has unmasked herself. Sara Vilkomerson is a writer for the Colbert Show and her 2010 essay, Negroni Season, is so f-cking good. I should not ask anymore of Negroni Season. But if she wanted to turn it into a prestigious limited series, I would not be mad. I want to watch a Florence Pugh yell “I HEAR IT’S NEGRONI SEASON,” at her boyfriend on HBO on a Sunday night in November. 

This morning Lainey wrote about the celebrity baby boom and asked, who’s next? This is my guess.