Leonardo DiCaprio’s Instagram is as dusty as Coachella but I get the sense that he maybe personally OK’d this Martin Scorsese post. 


Say what you will about Derek Blasberg but he probably knew and understood Karl Lagerfeld as much as Karl could be understood. And I can’t resist a shot of my two Met Gala favourites who never dress on theme because their style is their own. If they attend this year, I don’t think it will be in a white ponytail and tie (which I’m expecting a lot of). 

The Menendez Brothers are getting the Netflix/ Ryan Murphy treatment and as someone who remembers the circus around this case, I’m very curious as to how it will be received today as several family members have confirmed that there was sexual abuse from their parents. 


The stigma around sexual abuse, particularly for boys, was significant at that time and a lot was made of the Rolex watch. I guess the question now is, is it that odd for a rich person to buy an expensive watch? Especially considering they were only 18 and 21 at the time. But I’m not sure if a fictionalized true crime story will help or hurt them. Maybe neither. Which one will Evan Peters play?

Mark Wahlberg said he’d be up for an Entourage reboot and you know several of the cast would be as well. Vince would be on a streaming prestige show, Turtle is in crypto, Johnny has been #MeToo’d, Eric heads up a studio, and Ari is mayor of LA. 


Swifties flooding a train is giving crop top apocalypse vibes.

Yellowstone drama continues and this circles back to Paley Fest, where a last minute switcheroo pulled basically the entire lead cast for supporting players. Kelly Reilly is very popular and on Instagram responded to a comment asking about her absence and said she let them know well in advance that she would not attend because of work


There seems to be a serious lack of communication around the Yellowstone team, especially considering it’s a massive show with multiple spin-offs. It must be very frustrating for people who are not Kevin Costner or Taylor Sheridan and need to book their next job and don’t want to look unprofessional. 


Oh I love this crochet Dior look on Riley Keough for Vogue Australia. She has been to the Met Gala before but I think this year, with Daisy Jones and the Six, the right outfit would help continue the momentum. She uses fashion wisely.