Weird Al Yankovic would like to be excluded from this narrative. 

The Marchesa push, first with ScarJo at the Met (I couldn’t agree more with Duana) and now a weepy profile in Vogue, has begun. Highly coordinated timing, no?There are many things to unpack here, but I can’t get past 'Marchesa managed to get a dress on Renée Zellweger for the premiere of Bridget Jones: Te Edge of Reason in London.' They “managed” to do it? Sure Jan. 


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I have to admit, I have been sleeping on the grown-up Sweet Valley High TV twins who run a blog called… The Sweet Life. When series creator Francine Pascal released Sweet Valley Confidential and The Sweet Life in 2011/12, there was talk of a film or musical. Is there room for Elizabeth and Jessica in streaming reboot land?

John Cena and Nikki Bella are so getting back together, and judging from the emails and tweets I’ve received, we care. I am here for all of you.


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Ryan Reynolds made David Beckham look really good in this. 


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Ariana Grande and Mac Miller have split up. I’ve never Gossip Genied her, but you know who is probably a bit in his feelings right now? Drake. 


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Selena Gomez is letting it be known that she is done, like totally done!, with Justin Bieber that she has gotten him “out of her system” and is choosing her friends and family over their relationship. Which means they will get back together soon.


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When in New York, Lindsay Lohan crashes at the home of a Real Housewife. And not even a current castmember, but a former one. On its face, it seems like this type of reality TV would be a fit for Lindsay but you know what? I don’t think Andy Cohen would hire her. Housewives have to show up for a lot of events and tapings – she wouldn’t be able to manage the schedule.


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